almost 3 years ago

[Digital Trust Hackathon] Happy holidays and a 2-min request

Hi everyone!!

One last quick email before we close this first edition of Santander Digital Trust hackathon to thank you for making this a great event, full of amazing ideas

And a small favor to ask: this was our first 100% virtual hackathon and we would love to get your feedback on the experience. Please, take this 2-minutes survey and help us improve to make better events in the future. 

And...happy hacking in 2021!! 

Digital Trust Hackathon team



almost 3 years ago

[Digital Trust Hackathon] While we wait for the winners announcement, check this identity talk #keeplearning

Hi everyone!!

Although the submission period is over, we still have a lot of things to share with you :) 

This time, we want to share a great talk by Talan team recorded exclusively for the Digital Trust Hackathon so you can continue learning about digital identity and self-sovereing identity. 

During the talk they provide an overview of Identity models evolution, explore the main components of self-sovereign identity (DID , DID Document..) and showcase our model of thinking about SSI in the context of governance which takes SSI from theory to reality with real-world examples.

Link to the talk…

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almost 3 years ago

[Digital Trust Hackathon] Final Submissions: 9hr extension on the deadline!!

Hi folks! 

We’ve listened to your feedback asking for more time so we’re extending the deadline by 9 hours! The new deadlines is:

  • Dec 10 23:59 PST 
  • Dec 11 8:59 CET
  • Dec 11 13:29 IST

This will give all teams time to finish their work, or if you already sent your project, you can still make additional edits.

Thanks everyone and we're looking forward to reviewing all your submissions!

Digital Hackathon Team

almost 3 years ago

[Digital Trust Hackathon] Final call for submission


The hack part of the hackathon is coming to an end tomorrow but you still have 1 day=24h=1140 minutes, so plenty of time to finish your projects!!! ;-)

As you know, submissions will be closed at 23:59 CET.  Any doubts? We're here to help! 

  • Some of you have a draft submission: we're really excited to finally see them. If you need last-minute support, let us know in Slack
  • For the rest: you still have 24h!! Use them to create a great presentation. And of course, ping any of us if you need help finalizing the project.

Check our…

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almost 3 years ago

[Digital Trust Hackathon] Final Submissions: what you need to present + deadline Thu Dec 10th

Hi everyone, it's submission week!!! 

How is the hacking going? We hope you're having a great time building your projects and learning about digital identity. 

  • Questions? If you have any questions or want to talk to the organizing team about the details, reach out to us in our Slack.
  • Deadline for submissions: Remember the deadline for submissions is Dec 10h, 23:59 CET. So you still have time to get your prototype and presentation ready :D
  • What's important for your submission? Before going ahead and send you project, make sure you have a look at the requirements and also

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almost 3 years ago

Join RedHat Digital Trust Quiz an win a Nintendo Switch + Ask Me Anything Session TODAY

Hello everyone!!!   

Two pieces of info in this message:  

  1. RedHat Quiz to win prizes (on top of the hackathon one) 
  2. Ask Me Anything session today 


We love partnering with RedHat and, as we are reaching the end of our Digital Trust Hackathon, we have prepared a little surprise challenge around Digital Trust Protocol, so you can win great prizes at the same time you learn about Digital Trust initiative.  

If you get 4 or more answers right you will enter in a raffle for incredible prizes! 

- 1 Nintendo Switch Lite 

- 1 Speaker 

- 3

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almost 3 years ago

[Digital Trust Hackathon] Cool news: More prizes & Office Hours

Hi everyone!


We’re happy to share COOL NEWS: since day one, we doubled prizes. Check them again!

How are things going with your projects?! There is still time left to work on your project and get one of those cool prizes. 

Remember: you don’t need to submit a fully working product, you can submit a presentation with a compelling explanation of what you’re trying to build. Jury will value impact and go-to-market plan, not only a working MVP.

We know that some of you have questions about the hackathon, from “Am I ready?“, “Should…

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about 3 years ago

[Digital Trust Hackathon] Resources, finding a team and join our Slack channel!

Hi everyone and welcome to Digital Trust Hackathon! 

In this first update we want to share a few tricks to make this hackathon experience a great one:  

  1. Join our Slack channel. There you can:  

  • Find other participants and make great networking 

  • Look for teammates 

  • Ask questions and share ideas 

  • Get in direct contact with the organizing team 

  1. Check the Resources tab:  

  • Find all the resources you need to start building on top of Digital Trust 

  • Have a look at our partners' resources and perks 

  1. If you are looking

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