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about 3 years ago

[Digital Trust Hackathon] Final call for submission


The hack part of the hackathon is coming to an end tomorrow but you still have 1 day=24h=1140 minutes, so plenty of time to finish your projects!!! ;-)

As you know, submissions will be closed at 23:59 CET.  Any doubts? We're here to help! 

  • Some of you have a draft submission: we're really excited to finally see them. If you need last-minute support, let us know in Slack
  • For the rest: you still have 24h!! Use them to create a great presentation. And of course, ping any of us if you need help finalizing the project.

Check our previous update for all-things related to the submission (requirements, judging criteria, etc).

We're really excited to start checking the projects!!! 

Good luck everyone!

Maria on behalf of the Digital Trust Hackathon team