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over 3 years ago

[Digital Trust Hackathon] Resources, finding a team and join our Slack channel!

Hi everyone and welcome to Digital Trust Hackathon! 

In this first update we want to share a few tricks to make this hackathon experience a great one:  

  1. Join our Slack channel. There you can:  

  • Find other participants and make great networking 

  • Look for teammates 

  • Ask questions and share ideas 

  • Get in direct contact with the organizing team 

  1. Check the Resources tab:  

  • Find all the resources you need to start building on top of Digital Trust 

  • Have a look at our partners' resources and perks 

  1. If you are looking for teammates:  

We can't wait to see your projects and ideas!

Have a happy hacking weekend.


Vicky on behalf of the Digital Trust Hackathon team.