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Learn about the Digital Trust Initiative on this podcast by IFF with Rod Boothby (Santander), Don Thibeau (OpenID Foundation) and Brad Carr (IFF)


Getting started with Digital Trust protocol:

You can register your app using https://live.iamid.io/regHere you can see Registering your app step on the docs
Following the Postman collection endpoints, you can register your app, authorize it, and start interacting with the sandbox. The visual order of the requests present in the collection is the same as the steps to follow to use the sandbox.

You can use many different use cases that match the existing assertion claims. If you need more assertion claims for your idea, contact us and we will help you to develop it.

In our sandbox you have different user profiles to try the API, If you miss any profile or data, please, contact us and we'll add a user with the data you need.


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Slack API

Slack APIs allow you to integrate complex services with Slack to go beyond the integrations they provide out of the box.



Plaid API

Plaid is a technology platform and data network that enables developers to build applications to connect with users’ financial accounts. We focus on lowering the barriers to entry in financial services by making it easier and safer to use financial data. Today, tens of millions of people across North America and Europe have used Plaid to connect their financial accounts to applications they rely on. 

Products Resources 

Below are some resources you can reference to learn more about how our products are used by our customers to serve consumers. 

●  Plaid Products Overview: https://plaid.com/products/

●  Plaid Customer Stories: https://plaid.com/customer-stories/

●  Quickstart Guide: https://plaid.com/docs/quickstart/

●  Plaid Documentation: https://plaid.com/docs/

●  Subscribe to https://fin.plaid.com/ (Plaid’s fintech blog) and https://blog.plaid.com/ (Plaid company blog) 


yes® API: The open banking ecosystem

We enable 3rd parties to leverage capabilities of more than 1,000 financial institutions with more than 30M Online Banking customers in Germany. Banks are acting as identity, account information and payment initiation providers in the yes® ecosystem.

Our services:

      Attribute Sharing: Provisioning of bank-verified identity attributes, such as name, date of birth and nationality with the user’s consent.

      Federated Login: free use of the online/mobile banking one-factor authentication for logging into 3rd party apps. Additional strong customer authentication in order to strengthen the security and reduce costs caused by user account recovery.

      Electronic Signing (BETA): Leveraging bank-verified identity attributes and authentication capabilities to electronically sign documents in a seamless way as easy as issuing a credit transfer.

Our APIs are built from open standards, such as OpenID Connect (for Identity Assurance) and OAuth. We facilitate privacy and security by directly connecting 3rd parties to the financial institution. Bank customers use their familiar online/mobile banking experience to authenticate and authorize 3rd party access.

Developer Resources

      Find our developer guide at https://yes.com/docs/rp-devguide/2.0/index.html

      For accessing our sandbox with the identity service you can use the client data provided here: https://yes.com/docs/rp-devguide/2.0/ONBOARDING/index.html

      For using the signing service in the sandbox or to get custom sandbox credentials, please contact danielf@yes.com



Salt Edge enables businesses to connect with end-customers’ bank accounts from across the globe




Prototyping and Mock tools:

  • Mockflow – Create Mockups, wireframes and useful for brainstorming 
  • Moqups - Helps you create and collaborate in real-time on wireframes, mockups, diagrams, and prototypes. 

Project Management tools: 

  • Trello – Simple project management application 
  • Planio - Manage agile projects online with Scrum

Design resources: 

  • Freepik  -  Find Free Vectors, Stock Photos, PSD, and Icons 
  • Graphicburger – Design resources 

Development resources: 

  • Heroku - A flexible, easy-to-use platform to deploy, run, and manage your apps. 
  • HTML5Up - provides nice code skeletons ready for a team to start working on. 
  • Firebase - Hassle-free backend and elastic database tool. 
  • Replit – Collabotarive browser IDE 
  • Kodika.io - Build IOS Apps with drag and drop (no coding skills needed) 
  • Sentry - Application monitoring platform helps every developer diagnose, fix, and optimize the performance of their code. 




Presentation tools: 

  • Canva – Useful to design presentations 
  • Prezi – Create Presentations and videos 

Hackathon pitch tips: